Boston Dynamics owner Hyundai deploys Spot for factory safety monitoring


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Back in June, Hyundai completed a deal for controlling curiosity in Boston Dynamics. The Korean automotive big little question has some grand plans for integrating the Massachusetts-based agency’s know-how into loads of their forward-looking concept mobility automobiles — for now, nevertheless, it’s more about putting present robots to work.

Hyundai at this time introduced the arrival of the drably-named “Manufacturing unit Security Service Robotic.” It immediately started referring to the unit as “the Robot” for causes of brevity in the announcement release, and I’m inclined to do the same, as a result of who has the time to sort out “Manufacturing unit Safety Service Robot” a dozen occasions?

The Robot (see?) is actually a modded up model of Spot designed for security inspections at factories. Naturally, Hyundai is starting close to house, rolling out its first pilot at a Seoul plant for subsidiary, Kia.

The Spot, er, Robotic, comes outfitted for lidar and a thermal digital camera, which scan the area for high-temperatures, hearth hazards and open doorways. If it senses one thing off, it's going to ship an alert by means of a secure website. It shares pictures and knowledge in real time, and like Spot, can either operate autonomously or be managed remotely.

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“The Manufacturing unit Security Service Robot is the primary collaboration venture with Boston Dynamics. The Robotic will assist detect dangers and safe individuals’s security in industrial websites,” Hyundai’s Dong Jin Hyun stated in a launch. “We may also proceed to create sensible providers that detect dangers at industrial sites and help help a protected work setting by way of steady collaborations with Boston Dynamics.”

Picture Credit: Hyundai

On the entire, if you already know what Spot can do, you pretty much get the gist with Robotic here, albeit with further mounted sensors. Earlier this week, Boston Dynamics introduced additional data collecting features for the robot.